Heavy oil Burners and Accessories

Heavy oil burner model GGT

Continuous feeding heavy oil burner The group GGT for heavy oil is a simple and rational system both for Hoffmann and Tunnel kilns; it was developed because of the increasing need to save in the conduction of the kiln and increase...

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Pumping station

Pumping and Filtration station mod GE The GE group has the function to feed the oil from the main tank to the daily filtering station mod.CC140 positioned on the top of the kiln. Characteristics: Security temperatureSecurity temperature for burner’s workingFuel feeding systemFuel...

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Daily tank

Heating filtering and circulation station mod CC140 The Bernini Impianti Central mod. CC140 has the function to filter, heat and keep in continuous circulation the combustible on the top of the kiln. The central is positioned on the top of the kiln...

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