Kiln Measuring System

The BKS scanner is the easiest way in order to obtain a precise temperature profiling.Temperature profiling is the process of recording and interpreting temperatures of products and/or air through a conveyorized process.By analyzing the profile you are able to verify if products are of the highest quality, increase throughput, and solve production problems.


  • Temperature

    Temperature Scanning

  • Kiln Car Pushing

    Kiln Car Pushing Scanning

  • Data Storage

    Data Storage on SD card

  • Time

    Configuration of the sampling time (1 – 30 s)

  • Battery

    Long life Battery

  • Software

    Post-processing software


  • Productivity

    Increasing Productivity

  • Optimization

    Optimizing Firing Curves

  • Optimization

    Optimizing Kiln Car Lay-out

  • Management

    Optimal Air/Fuel Handling

  • Reduction

    Reduction Unburnt

  • Reduction

    Reduction of Waste Material

  • Installation

    Ease of Installation

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