Kiln preheating zone Gas burner

Model BHS-L – positioned on the side of the kiln

This kind of burner for natural gas and LPG is a type of burner for Tunnel kilns, developed because of the increasing need to save in the conduction of the kiln and increase efficiency of combustion.


  • Position

    The burner is positioned on the side of the kiln

  • Control system

    Gas pressure and security control system

  • Electronic switchboard

    A special electronic switchboard and thermocouple allow thermal setting

  • Equipped

    Burner completed with: Ignition equipment, flame control system, security solenoids and regulation valves for air and gas supply.


  • Uniformity of the temperature

    Total uniformity of the temperature inside the kiln thanks to the introduction of jets of hot air at high speed

  • Special lance

    Special lance made in refractory material for high temperatures

  • Smokes output

    High speed smokes output (100-150m/sec) with consequent high turbulence

  • Gas consumption

    Optimal mixing of air and gas allows an optimal gas consumption

  • Decrease consumption

    High velocity gas burners allow to reduce the total flows in the kiln with a consequent decrease in the specific consumption both electrical and of gas

  • Range of temperatures

    The burner works in the preheating zone of the kiln, in a range of temperatures between 500° and 750°C.

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