High velocity burner MOD. BHD-diesel

It was developed because of the requirement to use diesel for the combustion process in the pre-heating zone. The burner has a combustion chamber dimensioned to have a good balance of oil and air in any working conditions. A great effect is given by the high velocity that gives high turbulence in the section of the kiln with uniform temperature from the bottom to the top. Each burner is provided with a system for auto ignition and flame control that allows this kind of burner to work in positions of the kiln where traditional burners cannot work.

This burner is positioned on the top of the kiln.


  • Construction material

    Main body in steel and aluminium

  • Lance

    Lance in silicon carbide protected for high temperature

  • Mixing head

    Mixing head for combustion air, diesel oil with automatic regulation and balance

  • Valve

    Valve to open and close the combustion air

  • Regulation

    Pressure regulation for diesel oil which controls the oil flow

  • Injection

    Injection controlled by two electro valve ( min. and max. work) which also have the purpose to close the oil flow when the burner stops

  • Electric panel

    Complete control of each item of the burner with an electric panel that includes all the security items

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