VAB series burners are suitable for hot-air generators of direct type and therefore for all applications where the products of gas combustion is mixed with processed air raising its temperature to the set point. This burner is suitable for use with various types of combustible gas (methane, GPL); introduced into the combustion head at low pressure, conveniently blend with the combustion air, allows a wide range of adjustment ratios.

Our hot-air generators are particularly suited to work in equal current with processed air on systems with fresh-air or recovery circuits, both with suction or with forced air.


  • Mod. VAB-500 : 500.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-1000: 1000.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-1500: 1500.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-2000: 2000.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-2500: 2500.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-3000: 3000.000 kcal/h

  • Mod. VAB-4000: 4000.000 kcal/h

Technical features:

  • Combustible:

    Natural gas or LPG

  • Regulation ratio:


  • Gas pressure:

    on pipes 1,5 bar and working 40-100 mbar

  • Connection flanges

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