Heating filtering and circulation station mod CC140

The Bernini Impianti Central mod. CC140 has the function to filter, heat and keep in continuous circulation the combustible on the top of the kiln. 
The central is positioned on the top of the kiln relatively close to the firing system.


  • Security temperature

    Security temperature for burner’s working

  • Fuel feeding system

    Fuel feeding system proportioned to real necessity: one pump in operation and one in stand-by

  • Electric consumption

    Electric consumption proportioned to the real fuel consumption

  • Filtering system

    Auto cleaning filters at the entrance of the tank and at the delivery


  • Mechanical counting (optional)

    Mechanical counting flow control

  • Electrical consumption

    Minimum electrical consumption

  • Automatic control

    Automatic control of the working parameters

  • Suitable Group

    This group, is suitable to feed any number of burner

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