Micronized petcoke / coal  Kiln Burner (without hammer mill)

The SFD group for solid fuels is a simple and rational system, both for Hoffmann and Tunnel kilns, born from the increasing need for saving in conduction of the kiln and combustion efficiency.


  • Compact

    Optimized dimensions

  • Hopper

    Hopper with level control

  • Ventilator

    Equipped with fan with speed control and injection pressure

  • Touch screen

    Electronic touch screen panel board with electronic thermo regulator

  • Electronic switchboard

    A special electronic switchboard and thermocouple allows thermal setting

  • Fuel feeding system

    Fuel feeding system proportioned to the set up temperature

  • Injection orifices

    Injection orifices with manual flow regulation

  • Electric consumption

    Electric consumption proportioned to the real fuel consumption

Different solid fuel:

  • Pet-coke micronized

  • Coal micronidez


  • Controlled combustion

    Pulverized fuel injection, and mixed with air for controlled combustion

  • Uniformity of the temperature

    Uniformity of the temperature in all the sections of the kiln with consequent better firing and homogeneous colouring due to the perfect penetration of the solid fuel

  • Firing system

    The entire firing system is completed with totally independent groups

  • Electric panel control

    Electric panel control for each group or centralised panel board

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