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Brick Industry and Fossil Fuels

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Brick Industry and Fossil Fuels

Fuel Consumption and Brick Industry Worldwide


Fossil fuels have long been the major contributors to the ever-increasing energy demand, since, the development of technologies to harness the energy of animal and plant remains buried in the earth millions of years ago. The pie chart provides the overview of the contribution of fossil fuels to global energy consumption.

Oil, gas, and coal add up to 85% of total global energy consumption. Such large-scale utilization of fossil fuels has very adverse effects on the global climate and is contributing to global warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases as a result of combustion of fossil fuels.


Brick industry is no different than the traditional industry in terms of the fossil fuel utilization. The most utilized fossil fuels in the brick industry are natural gas (in developed countries) and coal (in developing countries) along with some portion of other fossil fuels such as heavy oil