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Kiln Monitoring System Print

Kiln Measuring System

Kiln Scanner

The BKS scanner is the easiest way in order to obtain a precise temperature profiling.Temperature profiling is the process of recording and interpreting temperatures of products and/or air through a conveyorized process.By analyzing the profile you are able to verify if products are of the highest quality, increase throughput, and solve production problems.



• Increasing Productivity
• Optimizing Firing Curves
• Optimizing Kiln Car Lay-out
• Optimizing pressure handling
• Optimal Air/Fuel Handling
• Reduction Unburnt
• Reduction of Waste Material
• Ease of Installation


  • Temperature Scanning
  • Pressure Scanning
  • Kiln Car Pushing Scanning
  • 2 analog 0-10V input possible (e.g. Humidity and shrinkage sensors)
  • Real Time Radio Transmission (optional)
  • Data Storage on SD card (2 Gbyte)
  • Configuration of the sampling time (1 – 30 s)
  • Maximum Battery life about 500 hours
  • Post-processing software

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