The fact that Bernini Impianti is today a leading company for firing systems for kilns and dryers in the field of bricks and tiles is due to the great technical and management skills of Eng Sergio Bernini who, in 1955 with his brother Alfio, began the activity with the name BERNINI BURNERS.

Soon the Bernini Burners became a point of reference with the production of burners for kilns and hot air generators for dryers. The company established a technical organization trading in many foreign countries and among these, in 1964 it opened in Spain a daughter company with some Spanish partners.

In 1971 the company BERNINI BURNERS which was already well known on the international market, built a new headquarters and changed the name to IMBER; in the new structure they begun to produce also some automatic machines for brick stocking.

In 1987 the business activity of IMBER was entirely taken over from Eng. Massimo Bernini who still is the general manager and owner. The corporate structure was modified, and the newly incorporated society was given the name that it still bears today: BERNINI IMPIANTI.

As a business strategy the production of automatic machines was stopped in order to focus attention on what had always been the main product that is burners.

Over the years the company has always had a leading role in the brick market, concentrating more and more on the technical-commercial structure and optimizing production using highly qualified external companies for technologies and quality control.

In 2014 a branch was established in South America with excellent results under the guide of Riccardo Bernini, family member.

Today the company is classified as one of the most qualified in the world for innovative solutions for different types of burners and can assure the customer of an excellent service all over the world.


In 50 years of activity Bernini has built a strong reputation concerning the combustion plant and the technical solutions carried out.

There are many plants working all over the world with excellent results.
Some examples of recent installations in EuropaAsiaAfricaAmerica: